• Can you print without ink?

Yes, that’s called a blind deboss. We can either print a true blind deboss or add a clear varnish for extra definition. 

  • How do I pick an ink color?

We use the PMS in the shop and custom mix colors to match what you’ve specified. You’ll need to supply us with an uncoated number. If you’re printing on a colored paper, we can advise how it might interact with your chosen color. Always remember, color on a digital screen will be different than a physical swatch so borrow a book from a friend or come use our copy at the shop.

  • Can I see a physical proof?

Yes, but they can be rather expensive. The bulk of the cost associated with letterpress printing is with the setup so printing one can often be near the cost of a much longer print run. We’ll confirm placement and separations with you via digital proofs. 

  • Can you print white ink on black paper?

Usually not! White letterpress ink is not as opaque when printed. Letterpress printing is strongest when printing a dark ink on a lighter paper. We can always foil stamp in white or print silver ink on black if you’re attached to that idea.

- I want something embossed, do you do that? 

Yes, but! Letterpress printing usually results in an debossment where the type or image is pressed into the paper. Embossing results in the type or image being raised from the surface of the paper. We do both but 99% of the jobs we do are debossed. Send us an email if you have a specific project in mind and we can talk specifics. 

  • Do you offer foil stamping? 

We do! Foil pricing will always be higher than regular letterpress printing so keep that in mind as you are planning your job. The more area to cover, the greater the cost.

  • Do you just do letterpress printing?

Yes! That let’s us focus in on what we’re best at though we work with offset, digital, and silkscreen contractors regularly to complete jobs that need those techniques.

- I want bumpy printing with the raised lettering. Am I in the right place? 

Maybe, but it sounds like you’re thinking thermography. We have some folks in RI we can send you to but it’s not something we offer at this time. 

  • Do you offer flat printing?

Letterpress usually always has some texture though we can vary the amount of impression. You may want offset or digital printing. We don’t offer either in house but work with a few contractors and can advise you as to the best way to incorporate those techniques into your letterpress project.

  • Do you offer assembly and addressing services?

Yes! We can print your wedding suite, assembly it, address the envelopes and hand cancel them for you at the post office. Pricing can vary depending on the number of pieces so please let us know you’re interested in those options during quoting.